JSC “Diplanta” is a company that provides wholesale seed trade and logistics services and has a team of professionals with experience since 2005. The range of products offered by “Diplanta” includes grains, legumes, flowers, trees, vegetables, fruit seeds and other seeds as well as equipment for the prepacking and sorting of our products. The company also provides logistics services “from door to door” (of both its own and other cargo) and coordinates the flow of documentation and arrangements for delivery to specified locations.

With many years’ experience in the market, the highly qualified team at “Diplanta” has been successful in the foreign markets and has forged a long-term relationship with the biggest international retail chains, agro firms and greenhouses, large-scale farmers and distributors large and small. The company’s activities have been developed in cooperation with partners in different countries around the world, from the USA to China.


Diplanta – the quality that guarantees growth. An experienced company with a professional team and the right attitude provides the highest quality services. Reliability and attention to every customer – these are the qualities that allow us to be successful in the market and grow as a company.


To supply high quality production and provide logistics.


To stay positioned in the market as a reliable company that offers the most efficient commercial and logistics services.


  • Sale of a range of vegetative products

“Diplanta” offers a wide selection of grains, legumes, flowers, trees, vegetables, fruit seeds and equipment for prepacking and sorting these products.

  • Transportation of various vegetative products and other goods

“Diplanta” transports not only its own production but also other kinds of production, and provides logistics services in Europe and third countries. The company also offers the following services:

  • Cargo transportation services (air freight, ocean freight, land freight, partial, full, and with non-conventional dimensions);
  • Transport routing solutions;
  • Cargo insurance arrangements;
  • Administration of customs brokers (custom procedures, EX1, T1, etc.);
  • Storage services (product labelling, loading, unloading services, stacking of palettes, services of customs warehouse, application of stickers, documentation processing, etc.);
  • Full drafting of documents;
  • High capacity (up to 115 cbm) transportation services
  • Logistics of multimodal cargo;
  • Logistics of high-temperature cargo;
  • Logistics of hazardous cargo.


  • Grain cultures (wheat, ryes, barley, buckwheat, oats, etc.);
  • Seeds of leguminous cultures (beans, little beans, peas, lentils, etc.);
  • Flower seeds (petunia, begonia, aster, ralitsa, godetia, viola);
  • Vegetable seeds (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, peppers, cabbages, salads, pumpkins, etc.);
  • Seasoning plant seeds (basil, mint, lovage, melissa, cumin, etc.);
  • Trees and tree seeds;
  • Corn seeds;
  • Flower bulbs (tulips, lilies, crocus, narcissus, irises, asters, geraniums, peonies, phloxes, etc.);
  • Edible onion seeds;
  • Pressed peat bricks;
  • Equipment for packing & sorting.


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